For Sale By Owner  1998 Mercedes Benz S500 

Car Sold, location (Far north suburbs of Chicago Illinois Fox Lake (winter) or Wheeling (summer) ) will consider reasonable trades for something else (does not have to be a another car, for example gold or property, land, buildings), I don't really need the cash but if you just want to buy it then make an offer.   This is Unique, One of a Kind car, with a brand new front suspension, every part on the front suspension has been replaced (for complete list see below),  no rust, in IDEAL condition, EVERYTHING WORKS, this car used to be a hobby for me to work on during the weekends.   Send all offers to:  

Mercedes Benz W140, also known as S class S320 S420 S500 S600 Made in 1990s.  It is a TRUE Classic Mercedes. The most expensive car ever developed, the budget was (NO BUDGET) MB spent 1 billion dollars+ to develop this car.   The pictures below are of one of a kind S500 1998, in IDEAL condition with every upgrade possible and impossible, super custom, one of a kind.    I am a private owner that over the years made as many improvements to the auto as possible.   The car is obviously not a daily driver and only taken out on FIRST dates.  




Another catalog of pictures:  (catalog 4)


New parts installed on the outside:   





This is later picture, as you can see all of the tail lights are brand new, crystal clear (not smoked).   

Stainless still pillar posts were installed.  Also silver door handles were installed. 

The armrest was repainted along with a few other interior components, could not find an exactly matching paint so had to repaint using a similar color of paint.    Also please note the wooden steering wheel on an S500 class, never heard off. 

Also note the crystal door knobs.  Very expensive but really worth it, women love them.  

The wooden steering wheel on this 98 S500, it is one of a kind since only S600 came with wooden steering wheel from the factory.   Again it was one of a kind from the beginning.  Also note the wooden interior and the burl wood shift knob. 

Shows the silver mirros, the pillar posts, the door handles, the newly painted armrest.  And of course the GIRLS headrests. 

Windows down, the silver mirrors. 

1 New window regulator on the driver side the windows are extremely heavy and thick, you can never hear a truck passing you inside of that car due to the thickness of windows.  

The most beautiful car in the world.  EVERYONE asks me if it is a 2010 prototype of Mercedes.    And if you seen the 2009 C class this looks just like it only bigger. 

Again note the repainted armrest, looks ideal.   Also note the wooden accents on the dashboard.  Note my MB mats, that slightly mismatch the interior.


Leather in ideal condition, no tears, it simply shines. 

Step inside, and hear the WOOOSH of door closing, all door suctions work extremely well, all rubbers are in great condition. 

Wooden dash board, as well as silver rings.   The car is still around 101,000 miles since I only drive it on first dates. 

Take a look at the wooden accents on the vents, and under the cluster.  Again the wooden steering wheel came standard from the factory, and feels like a million bucks. 

Again the bling on the door knobs, the bling on the cluster, the fresh look of the arm rest. 

Crystal clear rear lights rather than smoked one. 

My daily car is right behind it , also white.

These door knobs just shine. 

new antenna mast

New break pads ceramic green stuff for no dust breaking, new drilled rotors for better stopping


Take a look at the wooden shift knob as well as the wooden insert for the P-1, no other W140 has anything close to that. 

Closer look at the insert. 

wooden vents, and the old look of the cluster. 

wooden mirrors

Heated rear seats.

wooden lights in the back

wooden accents on the top center, gives the car VERY rich interior


My other riders:




Since I got many other cars to drive, this was only the car to modify and was a hobby for me to work on,  I do get parts cheaply and labor is all me so modifying it wasn't that big of a deal or much of expenses.  The job was done right.   I am really picky when it comes to cars and getting things done right.   The  car is good to go for at least 100,000 miles.   The reason the front suspension was redone is simply because the parts were available, the tools were available, lifts were available,  I had plenty of time to work on it, and all these W140 behemoths have springs that sag over 10 year period,  so springs had to be replaced anyway, but if springs had to be replaced then everything else had to go.  

The car runs and drives perfectly fine and perfectly straight with no pulling and with no issues.  Nothing is broken, everything works.  It always been garage kept.  It is stored at the summer house garage in fox lake or if you want to see it closer to Chicago, I could bring it to Wheeling, IL.  There is no check engine light, the emission testing were passed with no issues every year in Illinois.

Couple of facts about Mercedes Benz and this car.

1) The only S class you want to buy are made in 1997 and 1998.  You do not want to buy 1990-1996 cars because they still had issues that MB was trying to sort through.  You do not want to buy a 1999 because the internal wiring was fiber optics on it (very experimental), and you won't find any 1999 W140 out there because they all don't work because of the fiber optics going bad on these, impossible to troubleshoot.   You do not want anything made after 2000 since it was made by chrysler with parts made in mexico.  This Mercedes is 100% GERMAN MADE WITH GERMAN PARTS.   All MB made after 2000 are Mexican parts.   Reliability on this 98 MB is 100 times better than reliability on anything made after year 2000 by MB Chrysler. 

2) When buying a W140, make sure the front suspension has been replaced.   The problem is that the springs sag and the shocks on these only have 1 inch of traveling,  once springs sag shocks don't absorb the shocks and all suspension goes to hell.   Rather than replacing each part separately make sure everything was replaced at the same time.  You can read any forum you will see that suspension is a real headache for owners of W140,  so if you don't want to have headaches about the front suspension and ABC suspension on the rear make sure that the car was worked on by somebody who knows what he was doing.  

3) Rear nitrogen spheres have to be replaced every 100,000 miles or every 10 years, don't buy one unless the spheres replaced, on some W140 are irreplaceable because of rust on the lines, if you can't replace the sphere then the car is junk.  

4) Make sure to change the oil filter every 100,000 miles in the transmission, yes the fluid in theory you never have to replace  BUT if you are replacing a filter then it is a good idea to replace the oil as well with mercedes ATF. 

5) If you are buying a W140, look for one with no history of synthetic oil usage.   The seals inside of the engine do tolerate synthetic oil BUT,  the engine won't leak as much oil if you use a standard Mobil One oil.   The more often you change the oil the better.  Waiting 10,000 to change a synthetic oil is not a bright idea.  On this car the oil was changed every 2000-3000 miles and filter was changed every 1000 miles because it takes 2 minutes to change the filter, they are cheap filter, the filters only last a month or so because they are paper filters.  

6) Only use premium fuel

7) find one with ignition coils replaced on the engine already,  all ignition coils on EVERY car after 100,000 miles do go bad.   The ignition coils springs for MB are the most expensive coils $120 each x 8 if you are lucky.   This car already had coils and plugs replaced, so nothing to worry about.